Domains of Business Agility

Business agility creates purpose-driven organisations. For most companies their Customer is their purpose, however in public sector or social-good organisations the definition of the Customer is much broader. Regardless of how it is defined, your Customer is at the heart of the model and shapes your organisation. Surrounding the Customer are the three dimensions: Work, Connections and Mindset.

Evan Leybourn
Source: Domains of Business Agility

Why Design Thinking is the Future of Management

Neither Design Thinking or Lean Startup nor agile or user experience (UX) are new for companies. To become successful in future, I believe it´s a matter of how well companies combine all of those practices. Efficiency will be measured in who well teams have a common understanding of their customers, as it allows them to target their work more precise towards the desired outcome. Designers teams can create better user concepts, development teams can prioritize better on features based on the customer value and manager will gain more confidence in taking the right.

Stefan Link, Founder of
Source: Why Design Thinking is the Future of Management